7 Tablespoons Of : California 2016 : Day 1.

7 Tablespoons Of : "February Favorites" as Illustrated by Conny.

February, Already!? What!? There is much to be thankful for each new year, and altogether, I am thankful for all that the new challenges and experiences January and February have brought along. In celebration of a new year, I thought I'd start a new series where I put together an illustrated collage of everything that has made me happy during the month. Yes, although I do realize I am a month behind on the series, I figure it's better later than never, right? Right! You're wonderful so far, February! Here is what I am liking about you lately.

1) Basil & Neroli Cologne
2) TOPSHOP Boots
3) La La Land
4) Canon EOS 80D
5) Bicycle Rides
6) Nidda Thai Cusine
7) Fifi Lapin
8) Beautiful Headphones
9) Kate Spade Emoji Earrings
10) Happy Planner

7 Tablespoons Of : Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 2.

6 Tablespoons Of : A New Years Wishlist.

With Christmas gone, I can already feel all of the hustle and bustle in preparation for the new year. It truly is magical to see all excited for a brand new year with brand new opportunities. As for me, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" by The Head and the Heart is currently on repeat while I virtually window shop for the best New Year's Eve Party worthy goodies and apparel. See below for links!

1) Beverage Napkins

2) Large Bow Headband

3) Kate Spade "Isabella Heels"

4) New Year's Card Set

5) Confetti Balloon Kit

6) Sequin and Velvet Dress

7) "Bright Star" Studs

8) Metallic Skirt

9) New Year Glitter Garland

10) Robert's Smart Radio