5 Tablespoons Of : Before Sufjan.

When i first found out that Sufjan Stevens was performing in the lovely Jones Performance Hall here in Downtown Houston, I just knew i had to do whatever i could to make it to his performance. If you've ever heard any of Sufjans Stevens magical music, then you know just how excited i was to learn that he was finally making his first trip to Houston. I was over the moon about having tickets to finally hear him perform. The day of the concert was pure magic. After he left work, Gabe and I decided to eat an early dinner at Paulies, one of our favorite restaurants here in Houston. On our way there, we ran across a very small park with a whole lot of character. We decided to take a few pictures and then made our way to dinner. When we finally arrived to Jones Hall, i could hardly believe i was about to see an artist that i have loved for many many years. It was most definitely the best performance ever. Sufjan Stevens is a musical genius in so many ways. Please, if you haven't heard any of his music, do yourself a favor and go explore his unique music. You will not regret it.

5 Tablespoons Of : Wednesdays Adventure.

My love for cute good quality costume jewelry pieces ( yes, good quality costume jewelry exists!) is seriously real. I haven't had much time to go shopping for the newest costume jewelry trend, but if i was able to, i would buy all the cute animal rings i could. Note that this particular bunny ring has a cute pair of gold glasses on. This little detail makes the ring that much more brilliant! cute miniature glasses? c'mon now! so cute!
Gabe and I were enjoying a beautiful sunny day on this particular day. Walking around and taking picture like we tend to do. We were also most likely thinking really hard on where to go eat for lunch. Houstons food scene is too good to not want to try all the nice places. I can't remember exactly what we ended up deciding on, but i am sure it was delicious. Good lunches are always a must.
Happy Monday! Make your week a positive one.

5 Tablespoons Of : Photoshoots outside of Guitar Center.

I love looking back at random pictures from a perfect random day of randomness. A quick trip to our go to burger spot led to a quick trip to walk those delicious fries off while looking at instruments at guitar center which then led to a quick photoshoot in the construction area outside of guitar center. Fun memories are always made when you least plan for them to happen. It was a fun day.

5 Tablespoons Of : Restaurant Review: Stanton's City Bites.

I cannot say enough good things about Stanton's, but i can surely try. It is definitely my go to place for my monthly burger fix. Hidden in the outer downtown area of Houston, it is a beautiful spot that most people in the city don't know about. Sadly, they are missing out on a perfectly perfect burger. If i could somehow successfully advertise how great of a place this is, i would do it in a heartbeat. When Gabe and I go to Stanton's, i can honestly say it feels like home. We've both created so many positive memories there and going reminds us of those memories and makes us so happy. (Alright, the fact that they provide us with our favorite burgers in the city keeps us coming back and happy too! I cannot get enough of those delicious buns and fries! I admit it!) The newly renovated space gives a welcoming environment for their new customers while regulars keep on coming back because they still provide us with the same quality burgers we know and love. The owner Theresa (pictured above) with her son (on the right) were nice enough to let Gabe snap a few pictures of the restaurant. I can't wait to go back.