1 Tablespoon Of : TWOOS-DAY!

I totally meant to spell Tuesday like a First grade student who has no idea what they are writing down on paper. I swear i know how to spell correctly though! :) Come to think about it, I can't even recall when i actually started to really spell. It all just happened. Kind of like learning how to use the restroom. It all just happened. Isn't weird how we learn so much that sometimes we can't even recall how we learned it all?

I'm glad i learned how to shop though! I found this beauty of a dress a while back in a store called Buffalo Exchange. Have any of you heard of this place!? It is absolutely my favorite place ever! If you ever see one near where you live take my advice and GO INSIDE THE STORE! you will find at least one treasure ( Or maybe four ). I promise! You won't regret it.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. i love love love the necklace! :) I just found your blog today, I love it!

    come and visit me at thestyleprojects.blogspot.com

  2. aw your welcome sweetie!..it really is pretty..cool name too :-)

  3. This necklace is sooo lovely!!!I loved your blog.

    Come visit me too!!


  4. love ur floral skirt :)



  5. the necklace is rly extraordinary. where did you get it?=) is there a online shop???

    greetz Mici @ www.talkasia.de

  6. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!! :) The necklace is actually Betsey Johnson. You might be able to find it on eBay :)

  7. I'm always happy to "meet" another TX blogger! Super cute outfit, girl! :) Hope you have a nice night. :)

  8. This dress and the necklace are a lovely combination. Adore it!


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