1 Tablespoon Of : Salt Lake City Trip: Preview

About a week and half ago i had the AMAZING opportunity to fly over to Salt Lake City, Utah with some very special friends. I still cannot believe i was in a different state a week ago! For those of you who travel constantly, i'm sorry if it seems weird for me to be super excited about a trip to a different State but, as some of you may have noticed already, I DON'T travel much at ALL! making a simple drive down downtown Houston for me is a pretty big deal so, you can just imagine how over the moon i was when i made this trip!
Anywho! I wanted to share with you all a few pictures from my trip to Salt Lake City, Park City, and Deer Valley Park. I will be posting more pictures very soon! I just couldn't wait any longer to share these on the page!
Well, Off to work I Go.

{Don't Worry, Be Happy}


  1. aaaawww that babie is sooo cute you have a very lovely blog! i'd love to take a trip like this wow.


    id love to invite you to visit my blog http://euqinom7.blogspot.com

  2. beautiful photos and a beautiful quote at the end!


  3. i'm from slc and it is the best place on earth! i'm glad you enjoyed your stay here (:

  4. That's awesome! Glad you had fun :) Never been there but I'd love to go one day!


  5. That has gotta be the cutest baby in the world!

  6. adorable photos! especially your baby in sunglasses, sooo cute :) glad you had a good time!

    <3 Alison

  7. I have never been to salt lake or Utah for that matter.


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