6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 3.

6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 2.

6 Tablespoons Of : A New Years Wishlist.

With Christmas gone, I can already feel all of the hustle and bustle in preparation for the new year. It truly is magical to see all excited for a brand new year with brand new opportunities. As for me, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" by The Head and the Heart is currently on repeat while I virtually window shop for the best New Year's Eve Party worthy goodies and apparel. See below for links!

1) Beverage Napkins

2) Large Bow Headband

3) Kate Spade "Isabella Heels"

4) New Year's Card Set

5) Confetti Balloon Kit

6) Sequin and Velvet Dress

7) "Bright Star" Studs

8) Metallic Skirt

9) New Year Glitter Garland

10) Robert's Smart Radio

6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 1.

6 Tablespoons Of : An Autumn Wishlist 2016.

Yes! Autumn is upon us and with the new season comes new reasons for exciting Autumn/Fall wardrobe purchases. Autumn time here in Houston is short lived. Literally short lived. We will maybe get a few good days of perfect crisp autumn weather and before we Houstonians know it, It's gone with the wind. The Winter time wind to be exact. So, to make the most of my current Houston Autumn Season, I have gathered a few favorites that I have been secretly screen shopping online. You can't notice it at all because of the black and white illustration, but I usually tend to naturally pick out all of the non colored Autumn/Fall garments. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some brown, orange, and oxblood colors, but why not get those glitter heels for fall, am I right? I had fun using my Bamboo Spark for this Wishlist illustration and I do plan on making these more often. Enjoy! Links to items on the Wishlist are listed below.

6 Tablespoons Of : Tuesday Haul.

Not really part of the haul, but I saw the cutest Yellow Vintage Volkswagen outside of Hobby Lobby before going in. Of course I had to take a picture with my Instax, and Of course I walked away wishing I had my very own mint colored Volkswagen. Such a cute little memory.

6 Tablespoons Of : Culinary Inspiration : Mega Chef Magnus Nilsson.

Food has been a passion of mine ever since the ripe age of 10. Cooking became a staple in my young life when my step father, Sammy, took the time and found moments in his busy schedule when he could teach me what he knew about how to purchase food, how to care for the food that was purchased, and eventually, how the food that was bought was prepared. These are lessons that I will forever hold so very close to my heart. At the time, I didn't realize how important it all was. All I knew was that I had to pay attention and listen. Soon, it all became music to my ears and I could not wait to hear more of the melodies coming from my Step Fathers instructions. The art of food and preparing food is so important to me, which is why I want to start this blog series to focus on the importance of Culinary Arts in my life and also to shine light on Chefs that I find, hold these same memories of their younger selfs finding their passion through young encounters in the kitchen or maybe perhaps outside the kitchen.
Magnus Nilsson is the first Chef I want to highlight, as he is in fact one of my very favorite Chefs. Deep rooted in his Nordic food traditions, Chef Magnus went above and beyond while working on his new Cook Book "The Nordic Cookbook". He went far and wide and high and low even to the more remote Fjords in Norway to find the cooking traditions and recipes of the real Nordic people who stand by their Nordic traditional cooking techniques. I have not been able to get my hands on what I can anticipate will be one of the best Cook Books ever, but until then, I have a few recipes from the book that I will be trying to give a go at in the near future! But first:

6 Tablespoons Of : Be My Valentine.

To get to love a beautiful soul that loves you for exactly who and what you are is a beautiful, beautiful gift. 

6 Tablespoons Of : Nashville

Last week, Gabe and I took on the brave and long journey of completing our first road trip. 12 plus hours later...