7 Tablespoons Of : A Little Date.

Gabe and I finally enjoyed some time together visiting a few of our favorite parts of town. Breakfast and Coffee at Revival Market, and then we had a lovely stroll down Westheimer to browse around some of our favorite small businesses. It was a great little date. We hadn't spent much time together during the previous month due to busy work schedules so, it was a very special day. 

550 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

Revival Market

The Vanilla Latte is one of the best in Houston! It's a must try from their Coffee Menu. ( Yes, they do in fact a special menu JUST for Coffee ) Swoon!

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Gabe sporting his Birthday gift. He loved his new jacket! I'm still on the hunt for my very own denim jacket. Haven't found the right one yet.

1637 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX 77006

Merchant and Market

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