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1 Tablespoon Of : Arcade Fire Concert..Arcade Fire Concert…. ARCADE FIRE CONCERT!!!!!!! AHH!

So about two weeks ago i had the amazing opportunity of getting to see one of my most favorite bands EVER and i mean EVER!. They are the oh so talented group called ARCADE FIRE. If you haven’t heard any of their music i am asking you to give them at least a chance. I’m not saying this just because i am obsessed with all of their beautiful work (GENIUS WORK!!) but, because they really are something else unlike any other bands at the moment! During the concert i can honestly say not one of the group members stayed playing the same instrument for two songs in a row. Their  love and passion for what they do just shines through the way they perform each and every single song. They are just truly an amazing band and i am beyond excited that i got to witness them do what they do best live. Did i mention they got the ” 2011Album of The Year” Grammy for their Album ‘The Suburbs’??!! And how awesome is it that the lead singer, Win Butler, is from Houston, Texas!! 😀 

( I was going to upload one of the videos i attempted to record while at the concert but, it was really just a big failed attempt 😛 ) 

So instead here is one of my favorite songs from one of their older Albums. Enjoy!



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