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1 Tablespoon Of : Dear, Cynthia Rowley. Thank You For This Hat!

See that cute little grey beanie hat? I found that beauty of a hat about 4 months ago, and guess what??…. I never got around to wearing it when i could have! WHY!? you may be asking. Well, because i was obviously crazy and blind! My closet is filled with hidden treasures that unfortunately remain hidden. So, now that it is starting to get pretty warm outside i decided to wear it around for at least a few hours before storing it away for a few good months.. This makes me sad. Come next winter i’ll wear you everyday! I promise!.. Well, almost everyday.

On a happier note! I got a 92 on My first Biology Test of the semester!! Woohoo!!! Gotta keep up the good work and study some more!

Have A great weekend everyone!


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