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1 Tablespoon Of : Get Crafty!

 Hooray I’m finally posting some Arts and Crafts! I promise to make this a more constant feature in my blog especially now that i have finally met a friend who enjoys Arts and Crafts just as much as I do! 😀 ( Hey, Katie!! ) So  i am kicking off this new feature with something i did on my own a few nights ago! You have seen the finished products on my Birthday post! so, now i am going to show you just how easy it was to make these props!

This is what you will need! 

 I started off by drawing the numbers 2 and 0 on two separate pieces of cardboard. ( Not too bad for free hand drawing if i may say so myself! )

 So this means you are going to need two of the same scrapbook sheets for the number 2 ; and two of the same sheets for the number 0 with a different design. ( You can even choose to have 4 totally different designs on the paper for each side to make it even more fun! )

 Now trace on the side with the design.

 Now, use your glue gun to secure the scrapbooking paper onto the cardboard number.

 Make sure both sides of the numbers are covered to give it a nice clean finished look.

Pretty simple, right?

And now, On to the Banner!!! 

 Get your scrapbooking papers together. Remember there are so many designs to choose from! so if by the end  of this project you feel as if you should have incorporated more designs in your banner, remember you can always make another one!

 Now, cut the triangle shapes that you need for the banner. I just free handed the cut on the triangles. They really don’t have to be all so precise and similar looking! that’s what makes the banner so fun!

 Your triangles should look somewhat similar to these. Of course, size will vary depending on how YOU want them to look like!

 Get your cord and double sided tape ready to get started putting the banner together!

 Once the cord is placed under the folded area, place a long strip of the double sided tape along the length of the folded flap and press down. The chord should not fall out. And continue the pattern until you are happy with the length of your banner!

And there you go! your D.I.Y paper banner! Hope you all enjoyed this 🙂



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