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1 Tablespoon Of : Hey, Monday!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!! How is the day treating you’ll so far? The weather here in Texas started off pretty gloomy and on top of that it has been raining. I’m starting to hear birds chirping outside so, maybe it finally stopped. …yeah, it stopped. I just peeked outside my window 🙂 Hello, Sunshine! Sometimes i randomly zone out for a few minutes and day dream about being somewhere else. At this moment in particular i’m imagining myself in Colorado! Why Colorado? one word. SNOW!!!!! HaHa. My friend Grant who is a Senior in High School is actually in Colorado right now as i’m typing this ( Probably getting ready to go snow boarding by now ) I made sure to tell him to take plenty of pictures for me to look at later. He’s such a lucky duck right now!

I’m off to find something good to eat before going to work and hopefully fitting in an episode (or two) of The Office. Make sure to check out my silly food pictures on the tab up there!!! ^^ See it? Check it out!


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