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1 Tablespoon Of : Rain Boots.

Hey, Hey, HEY! and Happy Monday to everyone reading! Hope the day treated you all well! 

I am so ready to just sit down, eat some good food ( Tonight I’m having a Subway sandwich, but that’s still considered good, right? ) and watch some Netflix and just relax for the few hours that i can. 

I usually try to start the week in a positive attitude and believe it or not this helps my day go smoothly, but today i had a particularly tough day at work. We have two of our 1 year olds walking all over the classroom already and making sure they stay safe it’s a job in it’s own. I guess all of the babies just had the case of the Monday’s. After work was over I still somehow managed to make it to my ADR (Cardio Workout) class right after work and i can honestly say that weirdly enough the workout helped me get in a more relaxed mood. Funny how that works. So now, I’m off to devour my turkey sandwich and watch some good shows.

What show is currently on your T.V ?

How cool is this random little building built out of sticks and leaves? I happened to look over this little area while taking some pictures and caught this just standing there. Whoever built this was feeling that inner architect in them. So glad i caught this little detail in such a big park!



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