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1 Tablespoon Of : That embarrassing kind of casual sort of day.

Literally just came home from a fun day of Babysitting two sweet boys. It’s 12:05am and I’m super tired BUT! never too tired to make a post!

*AHHH! before i go on i must share an embarrassing moment i just had, It seems that i have these moments on a weekly basis, maybe even daily at times.. After i finally put both boys to sleep i was feeling so exhausted that i decided to just casually lay down on the guest bedroom floor near the boys bedrooms to rest my back. “Casually”? because everyone does this, right? haha. Anyway, i figured that i would just be resting my eyes and my back.. Next thing i know i hear “Ms. Conny?, Ms. Conny?, You can stay in the guest bedroom tonight if you’d like” AHHHHHHH!!! *screaming in my head*  i was so embarrassed. I’m sitting here telling myself that i cannot possibly be the only person who has gone through this….

Note to self: Bring a 5hr Energy drink next time you Babysit. It’ll save you some embarrassement. 

I need to get that out of my thoughts fast! you guys, it was sooo embarrassing!!

{Don’t Worry, Be Happy}


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