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Hello, Hello, Hello!

The last couple of weeks of school are finally here and i really could not be any more happy about it! I am so so so ready for a short break from school, even if it’s just for a month! I am wishing everyone out there who is working on finals Good Luck! Especially if you are taking more than two!

I somehow found time this last week to completely clean out my closet. I hate doing this only because i always seem to get rid of more of my favorite clothing pieces each time i clean it out. Don’t you just hate when that favorite piece of clothing of yours seems to no longer fit like it used to? This is when denial mode starts to kick in for me and i store that favorite piece back in the closet thinking that if i keep it there long enough it will fit again! I managed to not listen to myself and finally let go of a lot of these pieces… On the positive side, more room for new clothes, right? haha.

Hope you like these three looks i put together using the same Dress/ Tunic. They are all very simple looks with minimal accessories but, i had a lot of fun styling them!

 Classy Stripes: I would wear this look for a Dinner Date with Friends or Family. ( For accessories i would add pearl earrings and a pearl necklace for a classy look, or just a great statement necklace to finish the look) 

 Rock & Roll Stripes: This is definitely something i would wear to go out to a Concert. Or, if i’m feeling brave enough this could be a casual day look. ( Excuse my awkward hand signs. I was debating whether or not to do anything with my hands and when i saw the flash i put my hands straight back down! haha.. awkward me.)

Girly Stripes: This is my favorite look! (Mostly because of the purse!) This is something i would wear during the weekend for a day out with my sisters. 

Thank you for stopping by!

{Don’t Worry, Be Happy}



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