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2 Tablespoons Of : Mixing Prints. Is It A Crime?

Hellllloooooooo MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Hello to everyone who is reading!

I just got out of my Sociology class and decided to make a super quick post before going to work! It’s so beautiful and Sunny! I should be going to the beach instead… BUT! i’ll save that for another day 🙂 Last time i was at the beach i was 10 years old… wow! that was 9 years ago! I can’t wait to see some water and sand!! ( See how i completely got off topic there? … I guess i can’t even avoid doing that here! ) So, Sociology class was interesting today. Our professor talked to the class about social classes and showed us a few Youtube videos on how some people believe it is possible to learn the art of acting rich and successfully fitting in the upper class social groups. What is your opinion about this? Can someone actually successfully change their social class? Some interesting conversations take place in my class. Anyway! I’m off to work and getting ready to jam out to Arcade Fire’s Album!

Have a great Monday!



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