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2 Tablespoons Of : Morado.

Hello!!!! and Happy Sunday to everyone reading! Wow! August is almost over! i can hardly believe it! Time, please, please, please!!! Slow it down a bit would ya? I’ve had such a hectic couple of weeks and i am so glad to just be able to forget i have a MILLION other things to do and just sit here and write these words. Texas weather has been almost unbearable lately! today’s high was 110! ahh! I am so so ready for cold weather. I still managed to snap a few pictures of todays outfit! I haven’t worn this purple dress in ages and i have owned it now for three years! it’s made out of a very light fabric material so of course it was perfect for todays heat. I also want to share with you all a picture of the new addition to my cookbook collection ^ see that book up there? It has some AMAZING recipes and the decoration of the book is just so cute! i’m gonna have to take some individual shots of the pages to be able to show you all just how amazing it is! Well, ill try to keep this as short as i can and go back to my homework and housework 😦



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