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3 Tablespoons Of : Half A Year.

About 6 months ago i took these pictures and never posted them. I can remember the weather being so nicely crisp and cool. And i can also remember me completely regretting cutting my hair so short with cold weather still being around. I’ve gotten used to my short hair since then, and it’s not so short now anyways. 

I’m not too sure now why i didn’t post these up months ago. My best guess is that life started to get so overwhelmingly busy, as it tends to get for me constantly. Work,School,Work,Family Problems,School,Life,Work,Work… It’s not much different now, but i have come to the realization that i need to continue documenting these small moments like i used to as much as i possibly can. My poor camera seems to have been sleeping with this blog as well for 6 months and i think its time to dust both off and finish off the year with more documented memories.



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