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5 Tablespoons Of : A Trip To Silver Street Studios.

Visiting Silver Street Studios for Pop Shop Houston was a blast! Gabe and I picked up a few cute things from some of the shops inside and really enjoyed being around so many creative people. The creativity and talent of Houston locals blows my mind away. While walking around the shop booths, i kept on thinking about how amazing it would be to someday have a shop of my own. Ideas were definitely brewing. Hopefully i will be able to make them a reality someday. After we left Silver Street Studios, we headed to our favorite Burger Place, Stanton’s City Bites. Gabe and I cannot get enough of their delicious burgers. We are hooked! I finally got to try the Original Bacon Cheeseburger (Quick Fact: This particular burger was named best burger in Houston a few months ago) Pure mouthwatering deliciousness. The picture above is a bit too blurry to give it justice, but could you just look at those colors!?



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