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5 Tablespoons Of : Celebrate! A Year at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown.

Last week we celebrated our FIRST JW Marriott Houston Downtown Birthday! What a year it has been! I am definitely so very thankful for all the experiences that have been encouraged by moments during both pre-opening and post opening this beautiful hotel. From starting in the Food and Beverage department of the hotel to transferring to the Front Office and Guest Services department, I can say with all honesty that all of the 365 days that the hotel has been opened so far, has been and continues to be a learning and growing experience. I myself wouldn’t be able to continue to learn more and do what i do without all of the hard working individuals in all departments of the hotel. Especially those of us that have been with the hotel before it even had walls! We had a small black and white event at one of our beautiful event spaces on our gallery level and everyone looked lovely. I was working during the party, so i didn’t get to take too many pictures. Still, I am grateful for the time i did get to celebrate with my colleagues. Team Work is a beautiful thing, and i strongly believe that hard work and dedication will make us even more successful for the years to come. Happy Birthday JW!


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