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5 Tablespoons Of : Conny and Gabe Travel To Austin.

Although the trip to Austin, TX was very short, Gabe and I enjoyed our time there. I feel like there was so much more to see that we didn’t get a chance to explore, but I guess we will just save that for our next trip there. When we arrived, the first thing I wanted to do is explore downtown. I am fascinated with all the great architecture that downtown Austin has. In particular The Frost Bank Tower ( Pictured at the top of the post ) It is an absolute beauty. It stands out above all the other downtown buildings in my opinion. Afterwards we quickly looked for food and boy did I hit the jackpot with my choice for Brunch. 1886 Cafe and Bakery inside the Driskill Hotel located in the heart of Downtown Austin was just magnificent. It is unreal how AMAZING the food is! But it all makes sense once you take a look at the work ethic and focus of detail the chefs in the kitchen have.  ( Thank goodness for an open kitchen! ) we were able to see all the action. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of our brunch because frankly, i just wanted to devour it! 

The next day Gabe took me to the Texas State Capitol. The building itself was so so beautiful. I especially loved the grand staircases leading to floors above. The vied of the dome shaped ceiling was untreal. I really cannot wait to go back to Austin soon.



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