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5 Tablespoons Of : Fogo De Chao.


– Fogo De Chao –

1900 Hughes Landing Blvd, The Woodlands, TX 77380

The newly opened Fogo De Chao in The Woodlands so kindly invited us for a nice lunch treat a couple of weeks ago. Gabe and I had never visited our Houston location before, so getting to try it out for the first time in The Woodlands was a double treat. We drove out to the Woodlands and decided to stop at the Woodlands Mall before Lunch since it was still a bit early. When in the Woodlands, stopping by The Woodlands Mall is a MUST! After an hour of the Woodlands Mall, it was finally time for lunch! As soon as we set foot inside i knew we were in for a real treat. The decor of the restaurant was true to the background of the Brazilian Cuisine. Catching my attention right from the start was a setting of different side dishes right in the middle of the restaurant. From small salad choices, a nice selection of vegetables, to a giant parmesan wheel. We then decided to go for the option in the Menu that lets you try a bit of everything that is offered in the restaurant. This choice is priced at $38.00. Not too bad for the plethora of food you are offered. Gabe and I tried a bit of everything. We tried their rice and black beans, and their delicious and rich in flavor butternut squash soup. It was fun getting to flip our card from Red which means “No meat now, please” to Green which means “Get all the meat you can eat!” When you flip your card to Green is all fair game. You get offered all of the different meat options they have. Truly all of it was a delicious experience. We are so thankful we had such a great opportunity. I’m still dreaming about those delicious cheese bread balls that are brought out right at the start of your meal. We may just have to go back sooner than later.


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