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5 Tablespoons Of : Lunch Trip To Paulie’s

 Gabe and I shared the chicken sandwich and pepperoni pizza. Oh, and those fries up there? Heaven.

Whether our pockets like it or not, Gabe and I have made it a tradition to treat ourselves to a nice lunch after school on Wednesdays. I enjoy this so very much for plenty of reasons, but mostly because i get to enjoy my city and feel like a normal twenty-something year old with my favorite mister. On this particular day we went to a great place called Paulie’s. I cannot begin to tell you all how great this little place is. I can only hope that there are many more restaurants like Paulie’s all around the state. It’s been family owned and passed down to the original owners son ( who just happens to be the boy that the restaurant is named by ) and he has done an amazing job in creating a comfortable modern space with amazing amazing food. Have i mentioned they make their own pasta daily? It is just the best. I will definitely be sharing more foodtography from Paulie’s soon.


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