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5 Tablespoons Of : Playing Favorites at Anthropologie.

Gabe knows me well enough to know that after a stressful week of work and school, all a girl like me needs is a bit of Anthropologie window shopping to calm my nerves. Before we knew it, I had somehow managed to convince Gabe to let me go take a “look” at a few of the new items at the store. Let me tell you, Anthropologie does not disapoint when it comes to awakening the Holiday spirits in one. We hadn’t even stepped foot in the door and I was already in complete amazement of the cheerful window displays. Above are a few of my favorites from my visit. I can’t get enough of the cuteness overload from the Christmas Ornaments. I have made a vow to collect at least two ( one for Gabe and I ) each year as a tradition. And will you take a look at that perfectly embroidered dress right above? I love you, Anthropologie. You’re my favorite.



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