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5 Tablespoons Of : Take The Cake. (Houston, Texas)

Have you ever had those days where you are just craving a dessert like no other? I’m talking about a crave for something so special that you are more than willing to drive miles and miles for it. Well, i happen to have those craves more times than i am willing to admit, but you know what?, i think it is perfectly okay as long as there is a limit to how much you want to enjoy. As much as i am willing to drive for that perfect dessert, there are still times where i still wish that i had a closer ” perfect bakery “. Recently my wish was answered when i finally discovered this little gem here in Houston known as Take The Cake. Let me start of by saying that finding this bakery was a dream come true as my part of town is mostly all highway, a few trees here and there and fast food restaurants left to right. It is the perfect blend of indoor Parisian decor with modern american desserts freshly made with love. This cute little place is owned by a husband and wife duo who both graduated from The Culinary Institute of America over in New York. Hopefully the pictures that i did get to take give a glimpse of how special this little space is. I’ll definitely have to make a trip back for a second bite…. um, i mean review. 



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