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5 Tablespoons Of : Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2015.

“Sputnik Returned” by Brandon Vickera

“Silent Exchange” by Jay Shinn

“Untitled” by David Graeve

While walking back to our car we saw the new Marriott Marquis Houston. What a beauty it will be!

Art Fair Season is MY absolutely favorite time of the year here in Houston. It always happens to take place during the very beginning of fall so, of course the cooler weather makes going out to these events even better! Houston always takes their art events pretty seriously, and let me tell you, this years contemporary art fair did not disappoint. I usually tend to get overwhelmed with so much movement around the art booths, but this year I was able to go aisle by aisle and really appreciated the perfectly curated booths each art gallery and gallery had so carefully set up for us to see. I only wish that some day soon I can ask Gabe to buy one of the art pieces for me on the spot. He’s already been warned that we will be attending the art fairs every year, and that one day soon we may just have to leave with at least one art piece in hand. In all seriousness though, I left so inspired and in true awe of just how much talent one human can possess. Art is truly a beautiful way to visually connect with others, and I’m glad i was able to make time to attend such a wonderful event.



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