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5 Tablespoons Of : Wednesdays Adventure.

My love for cute good quality costume jewelry pieces ( yes, good quality costume jewelry exists!) is seriously real. I haven’t had much time to go shopping for the newest costume jewelry trend, but if i was able to, i would buy all the cute animal rings i could. Note that this particular bunny ring has a cute pair of gold glasses on. This little detail makes the ring that much more brilliant! cute miniature glasses? c’mon now! so cute!

Gabe and I were enjoying a beautiful sunny day on this particular day. Walking around and taking picture like we tend to do. We were also most likely thinking really hard on where to go eat for lunch. Houstons food scene is too good to not want to try all the nice places. I can’t remember exactly what we ended up deciding on, but i am sure it was delicious. Good lunches are always a must.

Happy Monday! Make your week a positive one.



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