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6 Tablespoons Of : A Quick Trip To Bellville.


128 East Palm St. Bellville, TX 77418

I regret not trying the Chicken Pot Pie! But I will definitely be going back for it!

The most delicious chicken salad sandwich in Bellville, Tx!

There’s so much sweet in Texas, But there is nothing quite as sweet as sweet tea drinking out on a porch during the middle of summer. All three flavors were AMAZING. My absolute favorite was Peach of course. 

Tequila Lime Sandwich. Filled with the goods : Creamy Chipotle Mayo Spread, The very Best Bacon, Cheesy goodness, and the cherry ( but not a literal cherry ) on top… FRESH Guacamole! 

The Most Delicious Tiramisu in ALL of Bellville, Tx!

Only some of the freshly and locally made goodies inside Farm to Market Produce Company. What I loved best about this beautiful space is the amount of diverse products offered inside. From FRESH produce to home goods, to “To-Go Items” and beauty products. This space is truly a gem!

Natural hand soap so good it flies off the shelfs!

Yeah, I’m definitely going back for some of these delicious apples! Apple Recipes Galore to come soon!

The lovely and beautiful owner was so kind to let me snap a few photos of her perfectly curated “Farm to Market Produce Company”. What a beautiful treat it is to be able to see someones dream come to life. It just goes to show you that if you can dream it, you can most definitely do it! Read her wonderful story HERE. This was definitely the highlight of my Bellville trip and I cannot wait to go back for more food and fresh produce!

Can you tell I loved this blue door? Fun but kind of sad fact, this space behind me with the blue door used to be a local Cafe’ here on Bellville Square. As I walked past by it, I secretly thought about how neat it would be to revamp it and bring it back to life with all kinds of neat products and treats. Future “Tablespoon Co.”? headquarters? One can dream!

One of my favorite shops here in Bellville. Located in the “Square” and filled with Amazing antiques and 1930’s inspired clothing and jewelry pieces. It doesn’t hurt that they make their own fudge either! 

Obsessed with the glass details!

I need to go back for one of these dresses. They were all so delicate and so beautiful.

Most would say “Creepy”, but I say “Cute”.

8 North Holland on the Square, Bellville, TX 77418

I dream of Coco and Duckie daily! If I could pick a store ( besides Kate Spade ) that would describe my personality perfectly as you enter it, It would be Coco and Duckie! Heart Eyes for days!

Until Next Time, Bellville! What a cute little town you are!



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