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6 Tablespoons Of : An Autumn Wishlist 2016.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Yes! Autumn is upon us and with the new season comes new reasons for exciting Autumn/Fall wardrobe purchases. Autumn time here in Houston is short lived. Literally short lived. We will maybe get a few good days of perfect crisp autumn weather and before we Houstonians know it, It’s gone with the wind. The Winter time wind to be exact. So, to make the most of my current Houston Autumn Season, I have gathered a few favorites that I have been secretly screen shopping online. You can’t notice it at all because of the black and white illustration, but I usually tend to naturally pick out all of the non colored Autumn/Fall garments. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some brown, orange, and oxblood colors, but why not get those glitter heels for fall, am I right? I had fun using my Bamboo Spark for this Wishlist illustration and I do plan on making these more often. Enjoy! Links to items on the Wishlist are listed below. COAT | PASTRIES | JUMPER | HEELS | HAT | MASK | SKIRT | JACKET | BAG

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