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6 Tablespoons Of : Burger Theory: Now Open!


– Burger Theory –

1616 Main St , Houston, TX 77002

Hand drawn by the talented Food and Beverage Staff at “Burger Theory” Absolutely gorgeous!

Appetizer #1 : Perfect Chicken Wings

Appetizer #2 : Butter Milk Tender with House Made BBQ Sauce.

The pictures definitely do the burgers justice! We were all able to try at least one of each Burger on the Menu and let me just say it did not disappoint. The meat, which is actually a mixture of brisket and Angus beef was so soft and juicy. The cheese was melting in just all the right ways possible, and the buns were toasted just enough. It was all so delicious!

Crispy just out of the fryer French Fries presented in the most adorable miniature bucket. So Cute!

The bar area was probably one of my favorite parts of the restaurant. It was welcoming enough for new hotel guests and Houston visitors to feel comfortable in taking a seat and feeling like a local, and cool enough for the locals to come and have a seat to taste some of the various drink options. I’m not much of a beer or cocktail drinker, but if you’re a fan, you’ll be more than happy with the drink selection and bar area environment.

Dessert #1 : Brownie A La Mode in a Jar

Rich brownie on the bottom with Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream on Top. Of course, the Maraschino Cherry was well, The Cherry on Top. It was a great new take on the all American “Brownie A La Mode. This was the guys favorite Dessert of the night. 

Dessert # 2 : S’mores in a Jar  

It was love at first bite. The warm just roasted marshmallow on the top perfectly melted the chocolate right above the graham cracker bottom. One bite could take you straight to feeling as if you’ve roasted this S’mores treat yourself. It was divine. Definitely my favorite Dessert of the night hands down.


– Holiday Inn Houston Downtown –

1616 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

After a most wonderful Dinner at “Burger Theory” our sweet friend, Duy also took the time to show us the progress of the new Holiday Inn Houston Downtown Hotel. As you’ll see below, the lobby area is clean in color choices, large in space, and welcoming for new guests. On the same floor as the Front Desk is the Business Center with several computers for guests to use, The sundry shop where guests can buy extra snacks or medicine during their stay, and of course, “Burger Theory”.

Large sculptures were placed in the lobby area displaying beautiful contemporary shapes. This was a nice detailed art sculpture strategically placed close to the entrance.

Hello, Beautiful Light Fixture!

The second floor has a beautiful balcony/terrace space big enough for a group gathering or a small private event. It was lovely going outside and enjoying our 65 degree weather out in this space.

Wonderful things are yet to come for this wonderful location located in the heart of Houston Downtown. The placement of the Hotel will be very beneficial to both the Hotel itself and to the guests visiting. There is so much to be explored around the area and it is all waiting to be explored. I have no doubt that this property will be filled with guests once normal business begins to build up post Grand Opening. 

Views from the 17th Floor Presidential. SO nice! SO very nice!

Thank you to our friend, Duy and to Burger Theory for allowing us to come in and visit “Burger Theory” during their soft opening. The service was incredible and the Food came to the table at the correct temperatures at all times and in a timely manner. It was definitely a memorable visit. Perhaps it was because I was in good company, but the thing that I loved the most about the visit was the sense of comfort that I had while visiting the property. Everyone who we encountered had a welcoming smile and always asked if we were in need of anything. I have no doubt that post Grand Opening both The Holiday Inn Houston Downtown Hotel and Burger Theory will be very successful. 



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