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6 Tablespoons Of : Flea Style Summit 2016 : Exploring Dallas in One Day.

Local Press + Brew 1605 N. Beckley Ave. Dallas, Texas 75203

The coffee house feels were so right this morning. It was an absolutely perfect morning in Dallas. One that definitely called for the best coffee in town. Local Press + Brew definitely hit the spot.

Freshly baked pastries! How delicious do these look? 

Dallas Contemporary 161 Glass St., Dallas, Texas 75207

Perhaps my favorite thing to do during my travels is to take in as much of the local art culture as I possibly can. Dallas Contemporary left me feeling like I wanted to become a member even though I wasn’t even in my home town. It is so important to pitch in even in the slightest bit to keep our arts alive. I cannot stress how passionate I feel about that fact. I was on cloud nine even before I entered the gallery.

My favorite installation in the gallery. Like, really!? can you get any better than this? I was dying to selfie with that gorgeous hot pink bear right in the center.

Just had to pause to take in all the glory that was the “W” Dallas Hotel. Look at those sleek designs and colors so bright. I’m a Hotel Nerd and I can totally admit to it without any shame in my game. 

Meso Maya 1611 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75202

Quick story about my time in Dallas. This has been my first solo trip since Gabe and I have been together. Gabe was out of town for work reasons, and my trip to Dallas was primarily for the Flea Style Summit so I knew I shouldn’t feel too bad about us not going together as we would have preferred to. It was an interesting feeling traveling leisurely on my own when in a committed relationship. The feeling became even more interesting when I decided to visit a restaurant and asked for a table for ONE rather than a to-go order. I must admit it was incredibly awkward at first, but I quickly realized that the experience of dining alone is a truly therapeutic one. The food was Amazing, and my time eating alone was eventually Amazing… weird looks aside. 

Most incredible brunch. 

And I saved the very best for last. The sweetest part of the meal. The Corn Tamale topped ever so perfectly with a slightly sour cream and cheese crumbles. What a meal and a most special treat indeed. This was the perfect end to my Dallas trip before my drive back to Houston.



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