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6 Tablespoons Of : Grand Opening : Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is open for business at it’s brand new Houston Location! We were lucky enough to be invited for the grand opening event to indulge in all of the delicious food the restaurant had to offer! It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Let’s begin by talking about their location. The new Magliano’s is perfectly located within the Memorial City Mall area. As both local Houstonians and Visitors of our city know, the Memorial City area is booming with new Hotel’s, Stores, and Restaurants. The addition of Magliano’s will be extraordinary and successful!

The welcome was absolutely personal! As soon as I walked in to the restaurant, The PR manager greeted me by name. It was so unexpected and I will not forget that special welcome. After she handed me the name tag with my name, I saw that “A Tablespoon Of Life” was written under it. I quickly showed Gabe and squealed “I’m a real blogger now!”. It was pretty special.

Interesting Fact : The exterior design of the new Maggiano’s Little Italy was planned out to mimic the same architectural design that the Memorial City Mall entrance had back in the 1960’s. SWOON!

Beautiful pictures from years past adorned the walls of the entire restaurant. All in black and white. All insanely beautiful!

Happy Smiles, Happy Opening Team! I am wishing them a whole lot of luck during their first few weeks!

Cutting of the pasta! Maggiano’s Little Italy Memorial City is NOW OPEN!

Bruschetta! Bruschetta everywhere! Maggiano’s Little Italy Memorial will be the first to offer a fresh Bruschetta Bar. Can you imagine the possibilities!? My favorite hands down was the beauty front and center. Shrimp and Candied Bacon… YUM!

Crispy Zucchini Fritte This is one of the top five most popular Appetizer items in the menu. It was absolutely perfect. The crisp was perfect while the zucchini was still perfectly cooked inside. The side sauce was a pleasant compliment.

Rigatoni “D” The Famous Rigatoni “D” is Maggiano’s most popular recipe. Maggiano’s was kind enough to share their beloved recipe with us on this day and you better believe I will be sharing it with you as well! A “How To Rigatoni “D” will be up on the blog soon!

Executive Chef’s Phillip’s parents. Perhaps the best part of the meal was not desert, but instead, it was getting the chance to sit next to the restaurant’s Executive Chef, Phillippe Verain and the Executive Chef’s parents! They were here for the restaurant’s Grand Opening all the way from Paris!


Apple Crostada My favorite dessert of the day! It was divine. Especially with a cup of coffee ( Yes!, They also serve coffee with dessert! ).

Executive Chef Phillippe Verain with his parents!

Making the famous Maggiano’s lemon cookies! Gabe was having such a blast. It made my heart so happy to see him enjoy the event as much as he did.

Maggiano’s Little Italy 602 Memorial City Mall Houston, Texas 77024

Thank you Maggiano’s Little Italy Memorial City for letting me be a part of your Grand Opening. It will be a special and delicious memory that I will hold dear to my heart. 

If you are by the area, Please make sure to go in and indulge on some of the best Italian food in Houston. You will quickly fall for the delicious food, and appreciate the hospitality provided by the restaurant staff. Bon Appetite!



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