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6 Tablespoons Of : Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts.


– Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts –

601 Heights Blvd , Houston, TX 77007

Lee’s Fried Chicken Sandwich. OH MY GOODNESS… This is the good stuff. Can you take a moment to appreciate that perfect batter? There was a perfect touch of spiciness to it and each bite had a perfect crunch.  

Gabe’s sandwich had coleslaw inside. It was a match made in Fried Chicken Sandwich Heaven.

And hello there perfect mashed potatoes! I will definitely be going back for more of you too! 

And For Dessert : Mexican Chocolate covered Donut. You’ve done good, Lee’s.

Lee’s Chicken Fried Donuts has joined the great Houston Heights Area. It is a perfect addition to the already perfect Heights community of Unique shops and Quality Cafe’s and Restaurants. It is definitely not the first Fried Chicken restaurant in Houston, but it is the first in my opinion to come in and provide customers with a unique setting and quality ingredients. Best of all, Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts has a drive through window! It is so convenient for on the go meals when you are in a hurry. 

Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts:

Environment: A

Service: A

Food Quality: A

Food Taste: A+

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