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6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 1.

New Orleans welcomed us with busy streets, vibrant colors, amazing food, and you guessed it, lots and lots of jazz! We decided that for our first New Orleans trip, we should stay in the center of all the action, The French Quarter. 

Window displays at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans Hotel were oh so dreamy. I could just imagine a grand band playing right in the middle of the New Orleans streets with all those white instruments. Dreamy indeed.

See what I mean about the beautiful architecture? Those details, those colors, those windows!

Red trolley cars! So NOLA that I couldn’t stop myself from taking a photo

Exterior photo of the Roosevelt Hotel, a Waldorf Astoria collection. The inside was just as lovely. I was too shy to go in and capture some of the magic going on inside, but I am pretty happy just to have this memory. 

115 Burbon St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

After wandering about the Downtown area, we finally stopped somewhere along Burgundy St. to a nearby restaurant called, Red Fish Grill. We didn’t plan ahead at all for this trip and we knew we just wanted to enjoy local food, especially seafood. So we went to the first seafood restaurant we found. I had the Shrimp and Grits and Gabe had a Crab Cake. Both were good enough, but I am already looking forward to go back with a proper list of Must Try Restaurants. The Decor’ was great and it was definitely family friendly. 

The above dessert is what really won us over! Holy mother of dessert! That was delicious!

After six long hours on the road we arrived in New Orleans around the afternoon time. We immediately checked in to our hotel, The Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette, unpacked just a few items and headed out to explore a bit before bed time. As you can see from the above pictures, I was most pleased with the Downtown Architecture. My favorite part of the first day, besides being in NOLA all together, was getting to see the amazing exterior designs of the many Hotels within the Downtown/French Quarter area. A true Hotel Nerd’s dream indeed. More NOLA photos to come!



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