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6 Tablespoons Of : Louisiana : Day 3.

One thing I try to tell Gabe we should do better at is actually taking the time to walk through the Hotel of choice during our travels. We are usually so caught up in trying to tackle down everything in our to do list that we forget that the Hotel itself is an experience of it’s own. We are very lucky to work for a company that allows us to stay in property’s that would otherwise be unattainable budget wise. I’m always very thankful for that opportunity. After lounging around the Hotel lobby and getting our camera ready for the day, we headed just across the street to a coffee shop I first spotted as we were entering the hotel.

800 Common Street

The interior was probably my favorite. Natural light coming in for all those who were enjoying breakfast, or working inside. It made for some great natural light photos.

We both opted for savory crepes. Gabe ordered a Matcha Latte and I ordered my trusted Vanilla Latte. Both were a perfect 10.

2209 Magazine Street

Next on our list before making the drive back to Houston was The District. I can’t begin to tell you just how amazing the doughnuts were. Think of words such as full of flavor, light as a feather, doughy perfection with a nice slight sugary crust on the outside. Just YUM! I chose a Chai Donut while Gabe chose a safe Chocolate Glazed Donut. Since we had both just devoured breakfast at Merchant, we packed up our perfect pair in a to go box so that we could enjoy them a bit later.

With just a couple of more hours in NOLA. I made sure to save the NOMA “New Orleans Museum Of Art” for last. Gabe and I have made it a tradition to visit at least one Museum during our travels. The NOMA was the perfect choice as it held plenty of beautiful art pieces. Among them were a few original Andy Warhol’s. I was in awe! We sadly had to rush our visit to the NOMA because we knew we had timed our drive back to Houston with no time to spare. The exhibits we did get to enjoy though, were all very beautiful. I’m thankful Gabe enjoys Art Museums as much as I do. I think it is very special to take part in the art that also represents the city it is in. Hope to see you soon once again, Louisiana!



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