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6 Tablespoons Of : My Life In Film.

Gabe took this picture of me in his backyard. It was part of our first ever film roll. – Canon A1

 Gabe took this picture of me in Dallas, Forth Worth. I loved that brick wall! – Canon A1

Gabe took this picture of me inside of our Hotel Room in Dallas, Forth Worth. We stayed at the beautiful Blackstone Hotel and had the most gorgeous corner room that gave us the most beautiful natural light. Can’t wait to go back. – Canon A1  

Gabe took this picture of me after class one day. Here I am outside of my college. One of my favorite places ever. – Canon A1

I used to always ask Gabe to take a picture of me right in this spot after my classes were done. On this particular rainy day, I spotted the leftover morning dew and knew I needed a picture. – Canon A1

More School days! Gabe always attempts to take candid shots of me. This is the face I make for him when I finally give in to letting him take a picture. – Canon A1 

Hooray for new sunnies! Here I am wearing a pair of Kate Spade sunnies Gabe bought for me earlier that month. I need to wear them out more often. – Canon A1



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