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6 Tablespoons Of : My Week In Photos.


– Tout Suite HTX –

2001 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002

Being that it is only 6 minutes away from my place of work, Tout Suite has become one of my favorite places to come to when I feel I need time of my own during days off or lately after a morning shift. Houstonians or visitors of Houston, if you ever find yourself here ( and you should ), Try the Avocado Toast. It’s Heaven. Pure Heaven.

Trip Planning at Men Ready Mercantile: How fun are these Notebooks with detailed notes and observations of the select city on the cover? Gabe and I are wanting to go to New Orleans and Nashville soon. Hopefully in a couple of months.

Well there you go. My first ” Week in Photos ” post. I was only able to capture a few moments of my week as it was a very busy one, but I definitely want to make this type of post a habit. It’s good to look back on my weeks. I’ll be working very hard to try to keep this going. Happy Saturday!



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