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6 Tablespoons Of : Sister Time and a Chocolate Shake.


– Grub Burger –

799 Town and Country Blvd #200, Houston, TX 77024

My sister is beautiful.

This Anthropologie installation is one of my favorites to date. Curating art installations like this and working on the window displays for Anthropologie is secretly one of my dream jobs.

Sister time is the best time. Nancy and I went to City Centre and enjoyed walking around a few of the shops. We were there on a mission to stop by Madewell and finally find my dream jumpsuit. Unfortunately I came to find that not only was it not in the color I wanted, but it was also not the right fit for my body. I left Madewell heartbroken about not being a couple of inches taller , but Nancy made the smart move of requesting we hit the nearest burger joint and suddenly everything was right in the world. We didn’t actually have a burger from the menu ( We decided we should save that for later ) but we did feast on a few delicious chicken tenders, and of course, ended the meal with a very rich, very delicious chocolate milkshake. I really do love spending time with my sister Nancy. She’s my person and she always will be.



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