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6 Tablespoons Of : Tuesday Haul.

Not really part of the haul, but I saw the cutest Yellow Vintage Volkswagen outside of Hobby Lobby before going in. Of course I had to take a picture with my Instax, and Of course I walked away wishing I had my very own mint colored Volkswagen. Such a cute little memory.

The beginning stage of my self taught Cross Stitch lessons. I’ve always wanted to start making Cross Stitch portraits for friends and future customers. I’m really hoping to get good enough at it before Christmas time comes around so that I can give a few out as gifts.

$4.99 – Hobby Lobby “Find It Here

This cutie was found at Target. I am such a sucker for cute animal shaped anything, and truthfully, it might eventually get out of hand. I mean c’mon though! Look at that cute eraser. Who wouldn’t want to make multiple mistakes on purpose just to make use of such a divine eraser? 

$9.99 – Target “Find It Here

Where do I even begin with explaining my endless love for these 3D stickers? There’s just so much you can do with them. There was a huge 50% Off SALE on these at Hobby Lobby today and so I picked up just one of my favorites. It was hard to contain myself as I walked through various isles of gorgeous multi themed stickers, but I succeeded! I’m saving these for my planner.

$3.99 – Hobby Lobby “Find A Whole Lot Of The Here

This was definitely one of my favorite finds of the day. Finally, I have found a recipe box that covers both the cute aesthetic that I want in a recipe box, while still being 100% practical. I cannot wait to fill this unique recipe box up with a whole lot of my favorite recipes. Recipe cards are still yet to be bought, but hopefully I’ll get to that by next week.

$5.99 – Hobby Lobby “Find It Here

Also, can we talk about the details inside the box?! All crisp white with matching white recipe card dividers included. And the cherry on top is the delicate ribbon that makes for an easy open close motion. I love it!

And finally, I have saved the best for last! My sister, Nancy, gifted me with an early Birthday Gift and found the most adorable recipe Happy Planner for my personal use. This will make planning out recipes for the blog 100 times better and I simply cannot wait to get started with planning out future recipes. I can already tell I will be needing many more additional pages. Create 365 is one of my favorite Hobby Lobby brands and they have successfully developed the perfect solution for the busy, busy bees such as myself.  Their planners are simply the bees knees. I will be making a separate post showcasing the development of my Recipe Happy Planner and my Personal Happy Planner that I use for non recipe related planning in the near future.

$24.99 – Hobby Lobby “Find It Here



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