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6 Tablespoons Of : WebCam Series : Why Blog?

I just found out abut 10 minutes ago that I am able to take AND post INSTANT WebCam pictures on my posts directly from my WebCam! How crazy cool is that!? Did everyone else but me know about this already? Any who! I am so excited to start making this a weekly tradition. Is should name this series : “WebCam Pictures Now” or “Instant WebCam” …. I’ll be giving more thought to the name later for sure, but for now, I think I want to make this a post where I can write freely about what I am thinking at the very moment the picture is taken. A sort of Emotions Picture Diary. A few minutes before taking the picture above, I was giving serious thought about why I continue to blog. I’m not looking to get any sort of 9 digit following count, I’m not looking to have my Blog read by millions ( Although, how cool would that be? ) and I am most definitely not looking to get instant revenue from my Blog. I think I still continue to Blog because it is my one creative outlet in my otherwise hectic life. Work and School take up to 90% of my day. ( LITERALLY speaking ) the 10% of my day is left with me trying to catch up on sleep, take up on a sad attempt at a social life, and most importantly for me, Continue to be a creative individual. My Blog lets me do everything I love most in this world ( CREATIVELY speaking ) and place it all in ONE place. Fashion, Art, Photography, Travel, Restaurants, Local Events, Hotels, and so on and so on. ALL of it comes together as Blog content and , BAM! My Happy Place is created in just one simple “Publish” click. Find what it is that keeps you motivated and continue to do that. Do yourself that favor.



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