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7 Tablespoons Of : Seattle "The Emerald City" Day 1

Seattle has been in my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. I can recall seeing that famous ” Pike Place Market ” sign on all of my favorite bloggers instagrams, and blog posts. I promised myself that someday soon, I too would get to see this beautiful place in person. It’s a funny thing being able to look back on the traveling I have been lucky enough to do these past couple of years. It is unbelievable to me that I could be going to the places that I once only dreamed of going to. Still, I am so grateful every single time i’m able to get myself a ticket to a new place. Seattle was truly a dream, and a much needed vacation away from Houston. We were welcomed at Sea-Tac Airport with the beautiful music of the Head and The Heart. ” It’s a sign! ” I quickly told Gabe. I instantly felt the Seattle love from there on out. More of our first ( half ) day in Seattle below!

A very excited Gabe! His hat was perfect for that rainy afternoon

Can you even believe how delicious this biscuit looks!? You better believe it tasted even better. The biscuit came paired with homemade butter and their seasonal strawberry jam… HEAVEN!

I’m a sucker for deliciously browned crusts. Gave and I chose to dine lightly and try just a couple of the restaurants most loved items. Neither the Pizza or Biscuit disappointed.

And this concluded Day 1… Not too much action due to the fact that we were so tired from our plane ride from Houston to Seattle. It was a rainy afternoon and I didn’t take photos of what we did after this late lunch. We did manage to walk around the nearby South Lake Union area for a bit and stopped by the nearest Madewell and Nordstrom for a couple of fashionable Seattle mementos before driving in to our Hotel. More of Seattle on the next post, I promise!



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