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7 Tablespoons Of : Seattle "The Emerald City" Day 3.

On our second full day in Seattle, we were ready to explore more of the city! We had seen much of what was in Downtown,Seattle, but hadn’t yet ventured out into nature. Still, we headed out for breakfast later that morning and met up with Alice and Danny who actually both currently live in Seattle. I first met Alice here in Houston and knew of her amazingly talented boyfriend, Danny. We never really had the chance to get to know one another while in the same city, but somehow, we were able to reconnect miles away! Alice and Danny made our second morning in Seattle one to remember.

Early in the morning and waiting for Alice and Danny to join us for Brunch! I was so excited to be seeing Alice for the first time in a LONG time! It’s amazing to have friends outside of your city. They can be your personal tour guides and show you places only locals know about. TRAVEL TIP : Always make time for friends who live in the city/country you are visiting. Yes, it may be a vacation, but it’s also an opportunity to see those you wouldn’t normally see on your day to day activities. It makes the vacation that much more special.

The Fat Hen

University Of Washington

Here is Alice!!! Isn’t she beautiful? THANK YOU, Alice for showing me something I’ve only dreamed about! An iconic collection of Cherry Trees reaching full bloom at the University of Washington! It was definitely one of those views that leaves you breathless. I was so thankful Gabe and I got to see this without having to leave the United States. Spring Time in Seattle us just GORGEOUS!

Cherry Blossom Outfit :

    Sunglasses – Spectacles

Lipstick – MAC

Coat – Boden

Dress – Boden

Tights – Kate Spade

Boots – Sam Edelman

Purse – Kate Spade

Cold Creek Pond

Gabe and I didn’t give up after finding out that Gold Creek Pond was completely frozen! The road leading to the pond was covered in about 3 feet of snow. Needless to say, our little rental car couldn’t have handled the attempted drive, so, we used our legs instead! 30 minutes later, we had made it all the way from the freeway to a frozen Pond. The sight was crazy beautiful.

Gold Creek! Gabe and I spent nearly 2 hours exploring your beauty. It was my first time seeing REAL snow and you made it an unforgettable experience. The walk was SO worth the view. Dressed in white you look UNREAL, but I do look forward to seeing you snow less.

I mean, C’mon. Can you even believe this view!?

Ba Bar Restaurant

Ba Bar was one of my most anticipated restaurants, and after all that walking we did to reach Gold Creek Pond, we felt we deserved an incredible dinner that night. An homage to Vietnamese street food done exceptionally well. Ba Bar is home to some of the most delicious and humble food in Seattle. It’s perhaps because it is done with such heart and simple, but fresh ingredients that it stays true to it’s origins. Street Food from the heart of Saigon brought to the United States.

Should’ve tried some of their pastry items and ” Cold Drink ” after this meal, but we were just so FULL! Next time, Next time!

An most successful day indeed, Gabe. Your face said it all! We were SO tired, but we had just had one of the best days together. Currently dreaming of more Ba Bar.



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