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7 Tablespoons Of : Spectacles.

 1) Hello, Spectacles! $129.99

 2)  Spectacles are made just for Snapchat! After following the instructions included, you will be able to start snapping HANDS FREE!

 3) Making memories LITERALLY from your perspective! Can you believe that!?

 4) Press the button on the left side of your Spectacles ONCE to take a quick 10-Second Snap.

 5) The shining light directly below the button shows friends you are Snapping!

 6) Bluetooth lets you wirelessly add your Snaps to memories on Snapchat! Save them or share them to your story!

 7) Specs charge directly in their case!

I am in love with my Spectacles! I still need to wear them regularly to feel a bit more confident about whipping them out in public. They are so cool though! My favorite part about them is all the possibilities of having them be your hands free vlogging device. It literally records everyday life/activities from your own perspective. I can’t wait to give them a try during my trip to Seattle/Portland.

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