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8 Tablespoons Of : How I Relax.

Planter : West Elm  Sweater : Gianni Bini  Book : The Way She Wears It

It’s not everyday that I get the pleasure of being able to sit and relax for more than a couple of hours, but when I do, I prefer to be anywhere close to where I can see the outdoors ( Near Windows ), or better yet, directly outdoors. I have a small patio in my apartment that I just adore. You can’t see it here, but Gabe put up the most magical fairy lights that look so lovely at night. I can see them as I am coming in from work every night and it just makes my homecoming that much better. My sister, Nancy gifted Gabe and I this cute patio table set. I love the weathered wood look.

I am so proud of our single plant that has managed to stay alive ( mostly thanks to Gabe ) for almost a whole year now! Marina gifted it to us as a house warming gift and it makes me so happy that it is still alive! We may need a bigger Llama planter sooner than later!

Enjoying just a few of my favorite things. Great Coffee, Great Dessert, A Great Book, and Amazing outdoor weather. 


Put your phone on airplane mode so that your ” Relax Time ” is truly uninterrupted. C’mon, you CAN do this! Just let your loved ones know beforehand so they don’t get panicked about not being able to reach you.

The Way She Wears It by Dallas Shaw is currently my favorite book. I am inspired by her Illustrations and even more intrigued by her fashion tips. I’ll be reading this throughout the year for sure as it has styling tips for all seasons.

If the weather is not permitting to enjoy some time outdoors, I usually stay inside and put on a great record. The Head and the Heart has been my go to record for some time now. I just love their music. Still, I’m always near a window pondering about goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s a great opportunity to reflect about anything in your life. In such a fast paced world, it is important to take some downtime and be able to really relax without any digital interruptions.



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