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A Tablespoon of : 2020.

In January I had written several words about how I thought 2020 would be the year I finally gave my creativity a chance. once again, I was ready to get the ball rolling on posting more consistently after several years of an off and on again relationship with the one place where I allowed my endless creative ventures to live. I then, like always, let work become my one and only priority and let the promise I wrote out just a couple of months into the new year take the backseat once again. Fast forward to mARCH 2020, AND Gabe ( My Now Husband ) and I ARE NOW STARTING THE MOST CHALLENGING YEAR AS newlyweds in a NEW CITY. Saying that 2020 took a turn for the unimaginable is an understatement. From March 2020 to November 2020, My main goal was to just stay sane. I don't like to get too personal or too Debby downer here as it is my creative/Happy space, but I think it will be an important change for me to feel like I can type out and document the good and bad moments in my life and have them live here too. I am unemployed in a new city I have still yet to discover ( social distancing protocols have made getting to know this new city very difficult ) and after working ever since the age of 17, being unemployed feels so unnatural to me. 9 months have now passed since all of the major changes in my life took place and I am just now allowing myself to breath a little bit more deeply each morning before tackling a new day as it comes. I have allowed myself to continue job searching weekly, but not beating myself up about getting no call backs for jobs positions that cannot be filled due to covid. Getting back into my photography, cooking, Baking, Listening to my Favorite Music and my art Journey have kept me at peace these last 9 months. Today ( Election Day ) and throughout the rest of 2020, I plan to stay grateful for my health, mY HOME, my family's health and for the opportunity to help others when I can and most importantly to be able to create during these challenging times.



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