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A Tablespoon of : Looking Back On My Past Artwork.

Early watercolor paintings

POM POM Florists - Luisa Alejandre And Flowers

Conny and Gabe

A Few Favorite iTEMS Early 2020

Boden Girl


Kimchi's Dinner paRTY

I wanted to make this post about a few of my favorite early watercolor paintings. From what I can recall, the first few Watercolor Paintings here were probably from Very late November/December 2018 or January/February 2019. During that time in my life ( up until early 2020 ), I remember having very little time for myself and having absolutely zero energy to try to make time for myself due to my daily work routine. When I look back at these paintings, I now feel proud that somehow through my art, I made small attempts to get myself out of the unhealthy work habits I had created for myself. The efforts were sporadic, but I think These early paintings served as a reminder to myself that my creative side was still somewhere inside eager to come out from hiding. It took a life changing move, and a pandemic to bravely come back to what makes me happy. Like many of us, I'm uncertain about what will come next in my professional life, but for now, I am happy and fortunate to be able to create.

See more of my artwork here


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