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A Tablespoon Of : My Current Happy Place.

My colorful Watercolor Palette on my art table. The only place where I can let myself get messy because the mess itself is just too beautiful to clean up after. My sister, Nancy gifted me this perfect Winsor and Newton Watercolor palette a couple of years ago and finally in 2020, it is being used daily.

A few of the Animal cROSSING vILLAGERS I have been free hand illustrating over the last couple of months. Every time I start a new villager I get nervous I'm going to make a mistake and ruin the illustration. Little by little I am learning that making mistakes, erasing and starting over is part of this process of learning a new skill.

my watercolor Paint brushes inside one of my most treasured items. An owl cup gifted to me by my best friend, Kate. Seeing it everyday on my art desk reminds me of her.

mORE anIMAL cROSSING vILLAGERS! shown here are only 5 out of the 47 Villagers I have already illustrated and painted. Only 350 more to go! My goal for the rest of 2020 will be to complete as many more Animal Crossing Villagers as I can until I complete all 397 of them. Animal Crossing has been a huge part of my quarantine life and I want to make sure I document this unforgettable time in my life by having a tangible version of these cuties. Look out for finished Villagers as stickers and prints in my shop *Coming Soon*

cUTE laZY type vILLAGERS. If you're reading this and you're an Animal Crossing fan, let me know which Villagers are some of your favorites. I know this is a difficult answer to give as there are just too many cute ones! My current top 5 are, Carmen, Doc, Kiki, Cole, and Midge.

This is wHAT MY art table SITUATION LOOKS LIKE NOWADAYs. I definitely have to say I do not mind it one bit. Coming in to a room where all of my precious art supplies and works in progress are in makes me so happy and ready to start the day on a positive note. diving into this new skill that I have been wanting to start for so long is still so surreal for me. Pre-COVID, my life was 95% work and 5% everything else leaving me little to no time to make time for the things that made me happy. I feel lucky that after 6 months of being unsure of what was next for me I have finally found some peace by pursuing my art adventure. I know times are so challenging and uncertain for many of us, but one thing I am slowly learning to accept is that I can't waste more precious time feeling sorry and anxious over a situation I have no control over. What I do have control of is how I use this time. I am excited to continue to focus on my ART and take on new challenges day by day. Anyway! more art posts to come soon. After over a year, It feels good to press that "PUBLISH" button again. I hope you're healthy and happy.



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