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A Tablespoon Of : New York City Trip 2022.

Just a collection of digital photos from our time in New York. We treated ourselves to our first trip together outside of Texas since 2019 for our birthday month.

Walking around the upper east side. pretty yellow door spotted.

took a break in Central Park and enjoyed this great group of musicians.

the new jacks wife Freda location in SOHO is just beautiful. I will have to go visit next time.

Beautiful murals in Brooklyn, NY.

The Ace Hotel Brooklyn, NY.

views from the top of the Whitney Museum.

A floating oasis called " Little Island " right across from the Whitney Museum. I have to remember to visit it next time I'm in New York.

We didn't get to visit the new Jack's Wife Freda location in SOHO for dinner, but we had to fit in a quick lunch at the Chelsea location... Jack's Wife Freda is a must for us every time we visit New York.

I had the Pear Bellini. It was so delicious.

we had the perfect corner booth seat right next to the entrance overlooking the entire restaurant floor. I just really love Jack's Wife Freda.

We were getting our steps in on this day and happened to run into the new fairly new Starbucks Reserve Roastery Cafe in the Meatpacking Industry. It was so nice inside. I wish we would've been hungry/thirsty for coffee to justify purchasing something but it was just fun to walk around inside and window shop for items we loved.

On our way to SOHO we ran into these beautiful homes. Had to take a photo of course.

The Drawing Center was unfortunately closed, but more reason to come back to visit it next time.

he got a bouquet of flowers.

Flight of pancakes at Bubby's for Breakfast.

Vespas everywhere in NYC and I loved seeing all of the different colors. I can't wait to get my own yellow one soon.

Stay tuned for film photos from this trip!



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