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A Tablespoon Of : One To Know Magazine Issue #003.

I am so proud to share my first ever published Illustrations. The Illustrations below are some of the Illustrations that were published in a local Fort Worth Magazine called, One To Know mAGAZINE. The magazine focuses on telling the stories of very special Fort Worth Women and shining light on local Female artists, local Female owned businesses and local organizations helping to make the lives of Women and the Female community In Fort Worth better for all. I consider myself very lucky to have been accepted as a contributing Illustrator to this unique magazine. I am so inspired by the two previous issues and look forward to being a part of and reading the new upcoming 4th issue. Please know that You don't have to be a Fort Worth local to enjoy this amazing magazine as it offers both a physical and digital monthly subscription HERE .

I really enjoyed reading up on how Stagecoach Mary made her mark in history as a strong woman of color doing a job that was previously male dominant in the United States. My goal was to make sure her brave heart came through in this watercolor Illustration.

Read More about the story of Stage Coach Mary Here.

This Illustration was for a food Article in the O.T.K Magazine. It was so fun to bring the food items that the writer spoke about in her story to life.

Fort Worth's Sundance Square located in Downtown Fort Worth.

It has been a good challenge for me to push myself to get my foot in to the world of editorial illustration. As A beginner artist who is still trying to find confidence in my own style and medium preferences, I am so humbled by the opportunity that the One To Know Magazine Editorial team has shown me. Here's hoping for more Opportunities to Illustrate the beautiful stories told by the contributing writers of this one of a kind Magazine.

materials used for the illustrations :

- Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

- Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors

- Procreate on the Apple iPad



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