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A Tablespoon Of : Studio Blog Post #001.

Welcome to my first Studio Blog Post. I am a fan of watching Studio Vlogs from my favorite artists and have always admired the artists who not only make art, but also take the additional task of giving us a peek inside their work spaces. I think its definitely a magical thing in its own way to get to see where artists work and create. Although I'm not brave enough just yet to share my small space in video form, I loved the idea of sharing my Art wORKSPACE in the form of snapshots. I hope you find this idea as interesting as I do! This week I worked on getting through the last of my watercolor paper ( also a good excuse to go visit an art store soon ) and painted several Christmas related illustrations using watercolors and new art supplies I ordered online from Jackson Art suPPLIES. I am a big art supply nerd, so taking photos of the new additions made me so happy. I hope you enjoy the post. Please comment if you have any questions on what materials I am using. I will be more than happy to answer.

Trying to hand draw a logo for the back of my printed paper goods. I'm really loving using just the primary colors with the addition of a nice green.

My intention with the circle was to just swatch the colors in a random manner, but it turned into a nice circle. I LIKE IT!

Slowly working on building up my watercolor brush collection. My favorite brush type so far are the smaller round brushes to really get nice detail in my artwork, and I just recently discovered the mop brush. I still need to paint with the mop brush a bit more before adding it to my favorites list, but the strokes it gives with the watercolor are so buttery smooth.

cARAN D'Ache Pencil Lengthener in Red. I have never worked on my art consistently enough to get a color pencil so short that I needed a pencil lengthener. I must admit I felt like a real artist when I started noticing the art supplies I had stored away for so long were finally showing some wear. I looked in my local art shop before absolutely having to look online for a pencil lengthener and finally found one that worked for me. The lengthener fits my color pencils perfectly and it is very comfortable to hold while I'm drawing.

Since I was already paying a bit for shipping, I decided to go ahead and add a couple of the color pencils that were close to their last legs. These are the five colors I've used the most during these last few months. You can very easily find these in your local art shops, so no need to exclusively order online if you can safely support a local art store.

A little bit of the Christmas Watercolors I was working on this week.

I plan to use the individual Christmas item illustrations to practice digitizing the scanned art on to Photoshop. I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE SURE I master that skill down before placing the illustrations on greeting card paper. I want the natural watercolor textures and colors to be as close as possible to looking like the original piece on the printed paper.

Can't get over how beautiful the pigment on these watercolors are. I get inspired by all of the colors in my palette. I'm going to have a hard time if I ever decide to stick to a limited color palette someday.

Daily Reminder. Keep Creating.



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