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A Tablespoon Of : Studio Blog Post #002.

new year, new studio blog post! The new year is off to an interesting start, but I am still confident that I can focus on my art by scheduling art time before and after work and longer hours of practicing my art skills during my days off. I got this new beautiful Kate Spade Planner in the hopes of sticking to a weekly schedule allowing for art time, fitness, and fun/Me Time.

One of the first watercolor paintings I made this new year was inspired after listening to the Betsey Johnson Audio Book " bETSEY - a memoir by Betsey Johnson "

Betsey Johnson and Daughter Lulu in progress. I am in Love with that big pop of PINK!

My watercolor brush collection is growing.

Always admiring my art materials. I never imagined I could ever be using such nice watercolors during the beginning of my art journey. I am grateful.

earlier this month I also purchased a very cute Rifle and Paper Co. wall calendar. It helps me to not pick up my phone with the excuse of " I'll just get my phone to check the date real quick ". This way, I can avoid endless Instagram scrolling and actually use my time towards bettering my art. It also helps that the calendar is very nice to look at. I absolutely love everything Anna Bond creates.

Details on the Betsey and Lulu Watercolor.

I love watercolor and color pencil together.

My current finished art storage desperately needs an upgrade. I'm hoping to be able to purchase a real storage system sometime before the spring... Hopefully sooner.

A cute Kimchi toy that hangs over the office door. Kimchi is in love with this toy. It makes me happy to hear him playing with it next to me while I paint.

My Little Companion. Kimchi.

A Test sticker. Mira from the Animal Crossing New Horizon game. I still have to draw over 200 Villagers and work on making them into stickers. I am still so excited to continue to work on that project. I hope to share more on that soon.

More Watercolor Paintings in Progress.

This is exactly why cat hair always ends up on my watercolors... Kimchi here, kimchi There, Kimchi Hair EVERYWHERE! wouldn't have it any other way though.

Hi, Kimchi. You're cute. I see you eyeing my Watercolors.

Exciting art supply update... I gave in and decided to finally give Oil pAINTS A TRY. I KNOW I haven't quite mastered Watercolors yet, but my original interest in art began with Oil pAINTINGS And Oil Paints. I've been eager to find oil paints within my budget and I think I may have found a happy middle ground with these Oil Paints as they are Water Mixable ( Maybe similar to gouache? ) I could be wrong, but I'm excited to learn more about how to properly use them and have a go at my first small oil painting.

Winsor & Newton Water Mixable Oil pAINTS - aS ALWAYS, I highly encourage for you to first look at your local art supply store first before buying online. I believe in supporting local businesses first.

New Oil Brushes looking beautiful as ever.

This little wall shelf makes me so happy. It stores my art books and a few other art supplies. It sparks joy and inspires me.

Another new painting from earlier this past week. Just a quick watercolor of some new purchases. I like documenting some of my favorite things by painting them. It immortalizes them in some way I think. I like that.

Brush Love.

A finished watercolor I was very proud of. I used Watercolor and Color Pencil ( My favorite combo. ) It's a painting of Gabe and Me outside our favorite NYC pizza Spot. Joe's Pizza. I want to be back in New York so badly.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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