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A Tablespoon Of : Voyage Dallas Interview.

My Art journey started out for me around 2018 when I decided that I needed to focus on a hobby outside of my very hectic work schedule. Art has always truly sparked joy within me, but I was always so scared to put my creative ideas down on a blank paper due to fear of it not being "perfect" or worse, fear of others not liking what I was creating from my heart. I used my full time work as an excuse to put Art at the very bottom of my priority list even though Art was always on my mind. I have always loved learning as much as I could during my down time about unique art and the artists behind so many masterpieces that I have admired through social media, magazines, books and of course, museums. When Covid-19 made it difficult for me to find my way back in to the Hospitality Career I had worked so hard to succeed in, I turned to the one thing that I knew always made me feel most like my creative self, Art. I finally put the many Art supplies gifted to me by both my sister and my husband to good use and created Art almost every single day during the year 2020. Every week that passed by, I could slowly see my self progress and started to realize I had my own unique Art style and my own Artistic Voice to share with anyone who would be interested. To this day, I continue to work towards creating a work-life balance that will allow me to pursue my Art journey for as long as I can.

I'd love to say my Art journey has been smooth sailing, but it has not. Like many creatives out there, I struggle daily with the thoughts of others judging my work in a negative way. Even though truthfully creating Art that makes me happy should be my only focus, we live in a world where it becomes very easy to allow your creativity to get overshadowed by the idea that your Art is not good enough. It's something that I still struggle with, but that I also acknowledge I am doing much better on by decreasing my time on social media comparing my work to other artists work. Additionally, as much as I wish that Art was my full time practice, I am still holding on to a job outside of my Art that allows for me to provide for my family and for my Art Supply addiction ( Every Artist out there knows there is never such a thing as too many Art Supplies to experiment with ). Confidence in my Art is and remains a daily work in progress.

I am an Artist living in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in Watercolor and Mixed Media Paintings and Illustrations. I am known to make art that is very much not afraid of showcasing bright colors and making everyday life seem like the most special human experience. I am most proud of my perseverance in my self-taught Art Journey. I have pushed through moments when I think I don't have enough knowledge on art techniques or that my art is just not worth sharing with the world. I have a goal of someday having my art printed on paper goods, accesories and possibly showcased in public spaces. These goals make me work that much harder to never stop creating and never stop learning all while continuing to be kind to others along the way. My Art is uniquely my own because I believe it can be a reminder to adults that your inner child should not be hidden, but rather brought out to play whenever possible. In fact, my art celebrates the inner child in all of us and I can only hope to continue making this type of art for all that need it.

START NOW! Sorry for the all caps, but really, START NOW! Don't wait until you get your ducks in a row or in an Artists case, " your brushes in a row " ... There will never be a perfect moment to start. You've just got to take a leap of faith and begin with what you have and where you are now. Your future self will thank you for just getting the process started and allowing yourself to have years of practice behind you rather than years of regret for not starting sooner. The time is now. You can do it!

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