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1 Tablespoon Of : Conny at the BEACH!!!!!! (Finally!)

This post is a very exciting post for me! Not only because i get to share more pictures with you all, but because i’m sharing pictures with you all on my first trip back to Galveston after 10 years! yep, It’s been 10 years since i’ve seen water! i mean, i see water daily, but you’ll know what i mean! REAL OCEAN WATER! and OH MAN was i excited! The smell and the sounds of the beach on a relaxed Sunday Morning are all so soothing and just good for the soul. Can you just imagine the sound of the water, the sound of Seagulls flying around, and just getting to relax and take it all in. These are the moments when all you can say is “Life Is Good”.

Can’t wait to go again!


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